Lotus Longevity

Last updated: 18 Feb 2023

Billing and Pricing Infrastructure in Perpetuity

Lotus is built to last as long as the internet exists. We have a strong commitment to open-source and code being free and non-proprietary in almost all of our codebase.

Lotus Tech Co., a technology startup from San Francisco, 2261 Market Street #4861, is the sole owner of the Lotus pricing and billing trademark and provides the team of core contributors, however given the nature of our open core product, the core repository is a public good, licensed under MIT.

We have raised a large enough amount of funding to provide the company with plenty of runway with our current team size and growth.

However, in the unlikely event of Lotus Tech Co. discontinuing to support the Lotus repositories, we've put in place steps to transfer ownership to our top contributors and customers. Therefore as long as GitHub continues to exist, you will always have access to Lotus's code.


Open-source pricing and packaging infrastructure.

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